Why Soil Block?

Here at our flower farm in Colorado, we start over 14,000 seedlings each year. We start each and every one in soil blocks, and we will never switch back to regular seed trays! We're going to tell you why!

  • healthier seedlings
  • increased pest resistance
  • increased drought resistance
  • less plastic usage
  • less storage space
  • no waste
  • uses less greenhouse space
  • better germination
  • and the list goes on!

About this course

This 45-minute course will teach you what we've learned when it comes to soil blocking, the easiest (and most foolproof) block recipe we've discovered, how wet your soil mix should be, how to water your blocks, humidity domes for irregular trays, and more!

Listen, we aren't saying our way is the best or only way to soil block! There are many ways to do it right. What we are saying is that the info we are going to teach you in this course is what we've found to be the most reliable and simple way to soil block!

While we love soil blocking, there is definitely a learning curve, and it can be frustrating if you can't quite figure out how to get your mixture right or the technique involved. Seeing it is the best way-- and we will get you comfortable with soil blocking quickly to help you get over that learning curve!

From how to pot up, to soil mix moisture, how to water, and the tools and materials you'll need to get started, this course goes over the basics of blocking.

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One-year access

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Class Content

Our class covers the following:

  • essential materials
  • pros and cons of blocking
  • our soil block mix recipe
  • getting the moisture levels right and troubleshooting
  • tips and tricks
  • potting up
  • watering and maintaining humidity
  • and more!