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regenerative gardening with nature

Garden with nature

There is so much information out there when it comes to gardening, it can become so overwhelming. What is the best way to garden with nature in mind? How do we understand the natural ecosystem of the garden, and how can we grow things in a way that supports that ecosystem rather than trying to control it?

This class will help you reprogram your mindset on what it means to garden with nature, without harming our ecosystems, for a healthier garden and mindset on what it is to garden responsibly and regeneratively.

Learn to grow without the use of pesticides or expensive fertilizers--the way nature intended.

What's included?

We include an in-depth discussion about the problems in the current gardening industry, how to plant for reduced pest and disease pressure, and how to reframe your mindset around gardening.

We also include coplanting guides, a guide to different cover crops, and a video instruction by season on exactly how to garden regeneratively.

building garden soil
Building Soil

Regenerative gardening focuses on gardening in a way that builds and regenerates soil and the life within it.


The ecosystem and its function is a main consideration in the regenerative garden. "good" bugs vs. "bad" bugs, birds, and more are all key parts of the regenerative garden.

Minimizing Inputs

Pesticides and fertilizers are unnecessary with regenerative gardening: everything needed comes from a closed-loop system.