Do you want beautiful, unique flowers in your home, all summer long? Have you always dreamed of meandering through your own flower garden, clipping and curating your own arrangements? Join our flower farmer for our Planning & Planting a Cut Flower Garden class to learn about the steps of growing your own garden.

Our course will go over where to site and start your garden, choosing flowers and seed sources, seed starting tips, growing tricks and bouquet arranging for a well-rounded view of cut flower gardening.

Your registration also includes admittance to our private Facebook group, where our farmer answers any questions that might come up for you during your gardening journey. We hope you'll join us!

Hi! I’m Briana, farmer and owner at Blossom and Branch Farm. When I was researching how to start growing my cut flower farm, most of the resources I found were for farmers with large amounts of land.

I wanted to make what I've learned from flower farming available to everyone: even those who are short on time or who only have a small space for gardening, and don't need an 80-hour course to get started.

Our course is designed for a home gardener and will give you all the basic information you need to get growing!

"We loved the cut garden class! Garden planned and ready for 2021!"

- Lara Day

About our Instructor

Briana is a third-generation farmer who has been growing her own flowers since the age of 3. In 2018 she achieved her dream of purchasing land to start her own cut flower farm and has been growing beauty and sharing her knowledge ever since.