You don't need a flower farm to grow great flowers!

Over 150 people have taken our course at our flower farm in Colorado, where it has received rave reviews from participants--so now, due to popular demand, we are bringing it to you!

From planning and siting your garden, to seed and plant selection and starting, and into the best ways of growing and harvesting your flowers; this course will teach you to apply the lessons we've learned at our Colorado flower farm toward growing your own beautiful garden.

Our Colorado flower farm has far from the "perfect" growing conditions--from heavy clay soil, to drought, to persistent weed issues, our farmer will talk about the realities and give you the structure to start your cut flower garden off right.

The course also includes lifetime access to our Facebook group forum, where our farmer and other participants will be available for any questions that might arise during your journey.


Where to put your garden and important considerations for siting, methods for starting garden beds from scratch, and other important things to consider when planning your cut flower garden


Which plants make the best cut flower gardens, great options for beginners, seed starting tips and tricks


Helpful tricks for growing healthy plants, how to cut for more flower production, and assembling bouquets for gifts or market

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"It was incredibly helpful, especially your overview of soil blocking. Thank you for putting the time and energy into creating this. It's so lovely to come across someone who is willing to share their knowledge, and create a space for beginners."